Immediate Dentures


will keep you smiling

Before having teeth extracted, you probably have a lot of questions or concerns about how you’ll look after, if you’ll be able to eat or speak, and what your recovery will be like. Immediate dentures can help alleviate many of your concerns!

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Same day or immediate dentures will replace your extracted teeth immediately after extraction. This means you can feel confident about your smile while your extractions heal.

Prior to a tooth extraction surgery, Edyta Foltyn works with your dentist to create the right same day dentures to be ready after surgery. These dentures are worn throughout the healing process for six months before the oral tissues shrink and a hard reline can be done. It’s incredibly important to get high-quality immediate dentures so you’re comfortable and confident while you heal. Eventually, most patients replace their same day dentures with a permanent option. 

Before your surgery, be sure to plan for your recovery. You will want to have all of the appropriate information on hand for managing post-surgical changes. Luckily, comfortably and high-quality immediate dentures can make the entire recovery process that much easier!

Post Tooth Extraction

Caring For Your Mouth After Surgery

  1. Remove and clean your same day dentures with a denture cleaner 24 hours after surgery.
  2. Use a warm salt water rinse to promote the healing process
  3. Some swelling and discomfort is expected, but this can be managed with appropriate pain medication. 
  4. Soft, high calorie foods should be consumed during your recovery.

Between one and six weeks after your extraction, the oral tissues will heal enough to place a temporary denture liner called a tissue conditioner. After six months when the tissues have healed sufficiently, a permanent reline can be done.

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Are immediate dentures permanent?

For most patients, immediate dentures are considered a temporary solution before they are sufficiently healed and ready for permanent dentures.

How long do you keep immediate dentures in?

We will provide you with specific care instructions for your own care, but immediate dentures should usually be kept in for the first 24-48 hours after surgery. If they are taken out too soon, it can be difficult or impossible to place them back in due to swelling. We will schedule a post-extraction appointment with you to check the fit of your same day dentures, assess your bite, and remove the dentures to monitor healing. 

It’s important to wear your immediate dentures continuously over the first few weeks following extraction, only removing them for cleaning.

How much do same day dentures cost?

The price of same day dentures varies based on the specific patient’s case and treatment plan. For example, if a temporary/transitional denture is made and worn first, this can increase the cost. The easiest way to learn a more detailed cost is to contact our denture clinic in Brampton for a free consultation.

How long does it take to get immediate dentures?

After tooth extraction surgery, immediate dentures usually require a few appointments to sure your denture works well and fits properly.

Are immediate dentures a good idea?

For many patients, immediate dentures are an effective option, although they aren’t right for everyone. Keep in mind, they tend to require more appointments to ensure a proper fit, and they can also increase the cost of your denture care. That being said, there are also many benefits to choosing same day dentures, including minimizing swelling and discomfort and never having to go without your teeth.

Can I get my dentures and tooth extraction on the same day?

For most patients, this is possible. It is much more likely if proper moulds and measurements can be taken beforehand. 

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Same day or immediate dentures will replace your extracted teeth immediately after extraction. Before considering surgery, talk to us about immediate dentures.

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